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Michigan author school visits for forth grade poetry school presentations.

Sample Poem from Great Lakes Rhythm & Rhyme, page 1.

Mammoth Ice Cube Big as Montana
and slow as molasses,
glaciers were ice forms that moved in large masses
staking a path through a part of the earth
digging and melting for all they were worth.

The process was slow - not at all like a quake,
and when it was done, there were five mammoth lakes.
Michigan formed like a mitten or hand.
The U.P.* completed the look of the land.
And oh, the Great Lakes, they're our fresh water treasure,
and boating and fishing and swimming's a pleasure.
The next time you're out there and say that it's nice
remember our Great Lakes all started
as ice!

The Poetry Lady has visited many Michigan schools, sharing her love of poetry with students. Great Lakes Rhythm & Rhyme, her second book, is a perfect fit with Michigan's 4th grade social studies curriculum. The book includes poems about Michigan and the history of the Great Lakes, beginning with glacial formation in the area, the presumed catalyst to the Great Lakes themselves. Written from a slightly loopy perspective, these funny poems give students a chuckle as they are introduced to an important unit of study.

Poetry Lady Visits are perfect for lower elementary school students either individual classroom visits or entire school assembly visits. School presentations geared from Kindergarten up to the 5th grade. Denise Rodgers the Poetry Lady will give the students a lively poetry reading of some of her favorite selections from "A Little Bit of Nonsense." Volunteer students will have a chance to dress in costume and act out some of The Poetry Lady's favorite creations showcasing the works of students from all over Michigan. Encouraging children to be involved in the creative process of writing poems as well as creating appreciation for poetry in general. Author school visits can be arranged for your school expose students to something fresh but tried and true, children's poetry.

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