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School Workshops for Children's Poetry
in Michigan's Great Lakes Region

Denise Rodgers AKA "the poetry lady". Poetry teacher of record in Michigan's Great Lakes region travels the area with her mobile interactive kid poetry workshops. Her Michigan poetry workshops bring students and teachers alike to the table for fun interactive learning. Students love to meet a live poet. At each school poetry workshop the author takes students into a world of fun and learning through children's poetry.

The Poetry Lady will teach poetry writing, child poetry writing and bring a new appreciation of poetry to students through their involvement in Great Lakes poetry workshops . Students of all grade levels (up to grade 5) will appreciate the program. Breaking the ice with a skit (where volunteer students will act out some of the poetry lady's favorite creations) and poetry reading. Students will especially enjoy the group read along poem along with The Poetry Lady's prose students will enjoy a song from David Rodgers The Poetry Lady's Son.

School poetry workshops with Denise Rodgers will give all students (even the youngest) an opportunity to participate in the poetry workshop. Each student who attends one of The Poetry Lady's school presentations will leave with a new appreciation of the creative writing process. They are encouraged to be creative and keep journals of their thoughts, funny ideas or funny poems keeping note of stories and events in their lives. Students write poems and submit them to The Poetry Lady Web site long after the school poetry workshop is over. Fostering creativity through hands on experience is perhaps the largest benefit of a school visit from Denise Rodgers.

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